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EtherRock also called EthRock is an early Ethereum based non-fungible token (NFT) project from 2017 that depicts various-colored rocks. There are 100 EtherRocks.


In December 2017, 100 EtherRocks were produced via a smart contract, using artwork taken from a clipart website, and published on the Ethereum blockchain. Only 30 rocks were sold in the first three years of the project’s existence. In the early weeks of August 2021, Gary Vaynerchuk tweeted about EtherRock and the price spiked so much that the $300,000 became the lowest available price for one of the NFTs. Justin Sun has been reported to have bought an EtherRock for $500,000. Prices continued to rise thereafter. In late August and early September 2021, 3 Etherrocks were sold for $ 2,268,832 (599 Ether), $2,607,584 (790 Ether) and $2,872,733 (888 Ether). Another Etherrock was sold for $1,929,060 (420 Ether). The highest price to date of $3,765,261 (900 Ether) was achieved in October 2021.

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