Déportrait Series

The Déportrait series is a collection of NFT clips made with images (mainly portraits and self-portraits) borrowed from historical works of art, photography and mass media.

The images undergo a process of gradual pixelation, transforming them into video clips (put simply, “pixelation” is a computer graphics technique that makes it possible to enlarge the individual pixels that comprise a digital image).

The déportraits are inspired in some ways by décollage, the latter being the opposite of collage: instead of creating an image starting from fragments of other images, a new image is created by removing parts or layers of an already existing one (examples of décollage are the ripped posters by artists like Mimmo Rotella, Wolf Vostell and Raymond Hains).

In both cases, in the “shredded” image of a décollage and in the pixelated portrait of a déportrait, the artist proceeds by removal, working via subtraction. The result is the transformation of an integral, recognizable original into something bare, not finished, abstract, and fragmentary.

The audio of the video clips is a short track created by using glitch/noise music as a base.

Each clip is 10 seconds long and has an aspect ratio of 9:16.