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CHXCO CLUB was established at the end of 2021 as a Non-Fungible Token, commonly known as NFT. It is a collection that consists of 9,999 uniquely crafted profile picture bars and is currently owned and operated by CHXCO CLUB LIMITED.

The collection is supported on the Ethereum blockchain as a ERC-721 token, where owners can purchase the NFTs and have access to exclusive member benefits in a private exclusive club.

Project Development

CHXCO CLUB was created for one sole reason, and that was to bring the essence of chocolate to the NFT space. Founders Rain Wan and Christopher Chand had both seen the pros and cons within the NFT space and wanted to do something to bring a more positive solution for those looking to be a part of something more than just NFTs.

Together they created 9,999 uniquely crafted CHXCO bars and started developing and building a community which they refer to as their “CHXCO Family”. Where there is an uprise in positivity and positive mental health.

The CHXCO bars are there to bring a sense of belonging to a community that’s much more than an NFT project but is a brand that will continue to push forward and revolutionise how NFTs are used.

Founders and Investors

The two founders revealed their name and identity right at the start of launching their social media which has built trust within the NFT community from the beginning. With both their roots coming from the music industry, Chris as an entrepreneur in the music scene as well as in other sectors and Rain being a music artist, it was natural for them to also delve into the NFT space due to their entrepreneurial and creative assets. After the idea coming together due to their love for chocolate, David McCabe who is an Award Winning Engineer, who has worked with clients from Netflix, Universal, Sony, Warner Brothers, HBO and BBC, etc., was brought onboard as an early investor alongside a silent early investor that goes by the pseudonym “Princess”.

Creative Direction

Rain and Chris wanted to bring the essence of chocolate to life. The same feeling as when someone receives or gifts chocolates and/or when someone picks up some chocolate ice cream when they’re upset and it makes them happy, in which scientifically speaking, eating chocolate releases endorphins, they both wanted to bring the exact same experience into the NFT space with their CHXCO CLUB NFTs. With this being at the core of what they do, they have strived to build a community off of love and positivity where members uplift one another when someone is feeling down and celebrating each other on high days.

The artwork has gone through several phases but chocolate was always the main concept. Rain drew a series of facial expressions, headwear, toppings, wrappings, tops, eyewear, bodies resulting in over 210 different traits. She is the only artist behind all the concepts and the whole collection. There are references to marshies (little marshmellow characters), strawberries and cherries on the CHXCO CLUB Twitter page.

Copycat Projects

Since starting CHXCO CLUB there has already been an attempt at copying the project on the polygon blockchain, which is undeniably being run by a scam artist and has been brought to the attention of the founders and community and has since been reported, however, they are still waiting on the fake collection being taken down.

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