About | Crypto Objects: a crypto art collection


Each Crypto Object is a short video sold as an NFT on Ethereum – Polygon.

They’re a metaphor for the fundamentally illusory nature of the digital world.

In fact, the latter is seen as a giant backdrop made of pixels, whose substance might best be compared to that of a dream.

In this “digital dream,” even objects, which by definition are tangible and concrete, become immaterial and ephemeral, just like the elementary components they’re made of: pixels that last no longer than the blink of an eye.

  • The master files of the various clips are kept by the artist in a safe place.

Website description.

This website is divided into two sections: video and text.

The video section is composed of 50 video clips, the Crypto Objects, while the text section contains extracts from two e-books, Copy-Paste Creativity and Digital Art, and two glossaries, one for crypto art and one for digital art.

Stylistically, the website is a tribute to two perfect examples of pop culture from the 1970s and 1980s:

  • It’s the real thing. Coke
  • Space Invaders

“It’s the real thing”—the website’s motto, also used on the cover—is the tagline of one of the most memorable and most effective advertising campaigns of all time. The extraordinary success of this historic Coca-Cola ad is probably owed to the unforgettable jingle that accompanies its images: I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke.

The website logo, on the other hand, was created pixel by pixel to reproduce one of the aliens from Space Invaders, a classic 1980s arcade game, one that marked the start of the golden age of videogames and the geek culture that came with it.